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About Southern Soul Survivors

Photo by Sunny Langkammerer (Peterson)

Southern Soul Survivors was started after God put it on my heart to do more for my fellow human beings. Having been homeless, and a recovering addict and alcoholic, it is but for the Grace of God, that I am alive, I am a Southern Soul Survivor. Now, with 6+ years sobriety under my belt, God has guided me through my adversity so that I might provide greater good to the community as a whole. 

We are dedicated to helping others not for glory or some pat on the back, but because it is what one should do. We are but a small community within a global community. If one community changes, and then the next community learns how that change was implemented, the world can be a better place… yes, I am a dreamer – but no, I am not the only one.  

We have even received donations from as far away as Oregon and we welcome business sponsorship. We will gladly share our appreciation on our site.

I (We) can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (us).

Philippians 4:13

Note: Southern Soul Survivors Inc. will not perform any work, service, or charitable event that violates any local, state, or federal, laws and regulations. In addition, we will not create, promote, endorse anything that encourages hate, abuse or belittlement, of anyone based on race, religious belief, nationality, social class, gender, gender orientation, sexual orientation, creed, ethnic background, marital status, mental or physical condition. We are all children of God. 

I give all the glory to God, for without Him, I am nothing. ~hmp


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