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Save money at the laundry mat

Typically, no matter what laundry mat  you go to,  you wind up having to put more quarters into the dryer in order to get your clothes completely dry.

Well today I’m going to tell you how to avoid this problematic waste of money. Bring two clean, dry bath towels with you to the laundromat.

When it comes time to dry your clothes, you put your laundry into the dryer and add the bath towels. Because the towels are dry and absobant, they will reduce the time it takes to dry your clothing.  You won’t have to put in additional money to get your clothes completely dry, and you will save money.

I hope this helps you out have a good day and be blessed.

Note: Small clean dry blankets can also be used. For those with home washers and dryers, this will cut down on the electric bill



Volunteers needed

Volunteers needed for the 1st Charity Auction hosted by Southern Soul Survivors. 

We are looking for people to help with setup, and organization of donated items. If this is something you are willing to help out with, just give us a ring or shoot us an email. We appreciate all the help that we can get, the more help we receive, the more souls we can aid. 

info@southernsoulsurvivors.org   (912) 376-0464

Savannah International Airport – American Airlines Employee an Example for ALL

American-Airlines-Savannah-Helping The Homeless

Everybody talks about helping those less fortunate than we are, but Callie Sinclair, Environmental Services employee at Savannah International Airport, is doing something serious to help! Working with her neighborhood group, Pinewood Seniors in Motion, and Faith In Christ Church, Callie received a huge supply of plastic grocery bags donated by employees of AMERICAN AIRLINES at the Savannah International Airport. Callie and her group crochet these plastic bags into functional 3’ x 6’ plastic mats that homeless folk can use as a moisture barrier between them and the ground.
Callie is always collecting materials and goods for the homeless community. Donations of grocery bags, clothing, toiletries, canned goods, and non-perishables (as well as cash!) are always welcome.

It’s Official, We are a 501(c) 3

We received all of our legal paperwork today! 

All donations are now tax deductible, business sponsors are welcome! 

Please visit our needs page to see what donations we are in need of… 

We are open to any donations, as we plan to hold a silent auction later this year. 


Savannah Care Center Fund Raising


     Here’s a new way to support Savannah Care Center, especially if do not have time to volunteer or attend the banquet!  While helping make your skin look beautiful, you can also help with the beauty of ALL that is done at Savannah Care because they will get all of Sofia’s profits from Beauticontrol skincare & cosmetics sells from now until April 1st! 
Visit Sofia’s website at www.beautipage.com/sophiaforester.

Donations are Profits from your purchases!


Coming Soon

We have a spend thrift guru who is going to be sharing some pearls of wisdom for those of us on a tight budget. 

Kasee will be writing a weekly blog in the Money Wise section, we look forward to having her as part of the team. 

Excited to see new product go out

A vast amount of product came into Southern Soul Survivors this week,
and we are so excited to see it go out to those who are in need! 

Below are just some of the items ~ 

Do you want to contribute to future bulk purchases? 

Donate Now

Many Thanks go out the Trellis Apartment Homes in Georgetown

The Trellis Apartment Homes are not just striving to improve their own little gated community, but they are extending their reach to help improve Savannah as a whole. While they are going through renovations to their landscaping and overall maintenance, they also have provided us with the use of their clubhouse as a drop-off location for any of the items on our needs list. They have donated several hygiene kits as well. Kudos to communities improving communities!  

Many thanks to Johnny at Georgetown TrueValue

Visit TrueValue in Georgetown to purchase and drop off donations.

Johnny has been kind enough to place a donation bin within his TrueValue store at 782a King George Blvd, Savannah GA. He also has many of the items that are on our needs list available for purchase. While you are there, you can pick up a gift from their small gift shop, plan your spring planting, mail a package, and so much more. Johnny really does have a one stop shop. If he doesn’t have something in stock that you need, just ask… he is always more than happy to order whatever you might need if it is available in their warehouse! 




Southern Soul Survivors Files For 501(c)3

Yesterday, Southern Soul Survivors Inc. officially filed for our 501(c)3 status to become a non-profit organization. 

So, what does this mean? 

This means that we will have the opportunity to help more people and organizations within our community!

We will soon be posting all of our bylaws etc. for your reading pleasure. 

Thank you to all who have been supportive.