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Save money at the laundry mat

Typically, no matter what laundry mat  you go to,  you wind up having to put more quarters into the dryer in order to get your clothes completely dry.

Well today I’m going to tell you how to avoid this problematic waste of money. Bring two clean, dry bath towels with you to the laundromat.

When it comes time to dry your clothes, you put your laundry into the dryer and add the bath towels. Because the towels are dry and absobant, they will reduce the time it takes to dry your clothing.  You won’t have to put in additional money to get your clothes completely dry, and you will save money.

I hope this helps you out have a good day and be blessed.

Note: Small clean dry blankets can also be used. For those with home washers and dryers, this will cut down on the electric bill



Volunteers needed

Volunteers needed for the 1st Charity Auction hosted by Southern Soul Survivors. 

We are looking for people to help with setup, and organization of donated items. If this is something you are willing to help out with, just give us a ring or shoot us an email. We appreciate all the help that we can get, the more help we receive, the more souls we can aid. 

info@southernsoulsurvivors.org   (912) 376-0464

Savannah International Airport – American Airlines Employee an Example for ALL

American-Airlines-Savannah-Helping The Homeless

Everybody talks about helping those less fortunate than we are, but Callie Sinclair, Environmental Services employee at Savannah International Airport, is doing something serious to help! Working with her neighborhood group, Pinewood Seniors in Motion, and Faith In Christ Church, Callie received a huge supply of plastic grocery bags donated by employees of AMERICAN AIRLINES at the Savannah International Airport. Callie and her group crochet these plastic bags into functional 3’ x 6’ plastic mats that homeless folk can use as a moisture barrier between them and the ground.
Callie is always collecting materials and goods for the homeless community. Donations of grocery bags, clothing, toiletries, canned goods, and non-perishables (as well as cash!) are always welcome.

Savannah Care Center Fund Raising


     Here’s a new way to support Savannah Care Center, especially if do not have time to volunteer or attend the banquet!  While helping make your skin look beautiful, you can also help with the beauty of ALL that is done at Savannah Care because they will get all of Sofia’s profits from Beauticontrol skincare & cosmetics sells from now until April 1st! 
Visit Sofia’s website at www.beautipage.com/sophiaforester.

Donations are Profits from your purchases!


Coming Soon

We have a spend thrift guru who is going to be sharing some pearls of wisdom for those of us on a tight budget. 

Kasee will be writing a weekly blog in the Money Wise section, we look forward to having her as part of the team. 

Excited to see new product go out

A vast amount of product came into Southern Soul Survivors this week,
and we are so excited to see it go out to those who are in need! 

Below are just some of the items ~ 

Do you want to contribute to future bulk purchases? 

Donate Now

Many Thanks go out the Trellis Apartment Homes in Georgetown

The Trellis Apartment Homes are not just striving to improve their own little gated community, but they are extending their reach to help improve Savannah as a whole. While they are going through renovations to their landscaping and overall maintenance, they also have provided us with the use of their clubhouse as a drop-off location for any of the items on our needs list. They have donated several hygiene kits as well. Kudos to communities improving communities!  

Many thanks to Johnny at Georgetown TrueValue

Visit TrueValue in Georgetown to purchase and drop off donations.

Johnny has been kind enough to place a donation bin within his TrueValue store at 782a King George Blvd, Savannah GA. He also has many of the items that are on our needs list available for purchase. While you are there, you can pick up a gift from their small gift shop, plan your spring planting, mail a package, and so much more. Johnny really does have a one stop shop. If he doesn’t have something in stock that you need, just ask… he is always more than happy to order whatever you might need if it is available in their warehouse! 




Southern Soul Survivors Files For 501(c)3

Yesterday, Southern Soul Survivors Inc. officially filed for our 501(c)3 status to become a non-profit organization. 

So, what does this mean? 

This means that we will have the opportunity to help more people and organizations within our community!

We will soon be posting all of our bylaws etc. for your reading pleasure. 

Thank you to all who have been supportive. 

The Tiny House Project


Photos provided by Richard Leo Johnson, Atlantic Archives Inc, Fine Architectual and Interior Photograph

TINY HOUSE PROJECT – Update December 2016:  The Tiny House Project, also known as the Cove at Dundee has completed the approval process (September 2016).  At present, CSAH staff are working to secure the $250,000 to do the infrastructure installation.  Please see our wish list below and help if you can.  Thank you!

The project was approved for up to 80 units although we anticipate that given site conditions that we will house 72 veterans.  Additionally, three Clubhouses shared by the members will be located on the site.  We are hopeful that ground breaking will occur sometime in early 2017.

Thank you to Wells Fargo for funding equipment needs for this project!

What will the Cove at Dundee be like?  Ideas about how to work effectively with homeless persons have changed in recent years.  It can take time for homeless service providers to embrace new ideas and adjust programs to meet research based best practices.  Most Chatham area programs in existence today began with the program model of providing services and ensuring that individuals comply with certain requirements (including our agency) before housing was an option.  At times these requirements could be quite harsh given what is known about hierarchy of needs in humans (basic needs must be met in order for humans to move up the ladder to self-actualization).  Best practice today indicates that a service approach is problematic.  A better approach is to provide persons with Housing First and then offer services/support when there is readiness to receive them. 

Living without housing is traumatic.  An individual’s ability to be focused, productive and successful is comprised severely when housing is not present.  Most of us simply take for granted the refuge our homes are to us.  This refuge provides the foundation for our lives and our ability to meet our needs.  These ideas are present in our program approach to serving homeless veterans in the Tiny House project.

Each village of twelve persons will be a self-managed entity with a selected resident manager (initially appointed but eventually elected by residents).  Residents will meet regularly to make decisions about how to live in community, determine basic rules of behavior and allow for individual needs and creativity.  Residents will not be required to see a case manager or attend AA meetings or attend other services.  However, such services will be available for the time a resident is interested in such support.  Villages will need to work together to coordinate efforts for activities such as grocery shopping, medical appointments, maintaining the interior and exterior of their homes and maintenance of the common areas.  Village residents will also elect a representative to sit on a Council of Villages (6 anticipated villages of 12 persons) to plan for larger activities and problem solve for community wide efforts or concerns.    

We anticipate that it will take some time for the smooth operation of each village.  CSAH will provide staff leadership to support village efforts to determine what works best for them.  We expect mistakes but also expect villages (and individuals) will improve with time. 

As residents heal they will have opportunities to work, volunteer and give back to the community at large.     

Tour the Tiny House model:

The Tiny House model parked at 704 Wheaton Street in the parking lot of the Savannah Baptist Center.  The Tiny House is available for tours by calling or emailing the CSAH Executive Director, Cindy Kelley at 912.644.7945 or ckelley@homelessauthority.org.  Groups and individuals are welcome to tour the model. 

General information about the Tiny House project:

The location at 75 Dundee is on the site of a former Cotton Mill.  A homeless camp has been on the site for decades.  We anticipate being able to build up to 72 homes on the site over 5+ years.  Our Tiny Homes are 16×8 (128 square feet).  They are well built homes with exterior cladding in cement board and a metal roof.  If you drive by to see the model you will notice we have selected white and red exterior paint for the first 12 home village for veterans.  The interior of the unit is tongue and grove pine on walls and ceiling (11 feet, 4 inch celing height), has two windows, an entrance door with six light panels, a small kitchen with microwave, refrigerator and hotplate, a bathroom with shower and a single bed that works as a sofa during the day.  The floors are ceramic tile and there is plenty of storage under the bed.   Broader community enhancements will include outdoor tables, grills and gardens.  Plans are also in place for a small chapel on the site. 

The materials cost for each Tiny House is $7,000.  We hope that individuals and groups will want to raise funds to support the building of one or more units.  The nonprofit HBI is coordinating the build of the first village of twelve units thereby keeping our costs low.  They also built the model with materials cost contributed by an anonymous donor.  We are securing a partner to build the ADA compliant unit for the first village.  Architect and Artist Bede VanDyke has put in many hours in the design of the Tiny House and most recently in the development of the site plan.  Housing Developer Gary Wiggin has provided project leadership and supported our efforts to build housing development competence and expertise.  This project is only possible due to the wilingness of many to give of their time, expertise and financial gifts. 

Housing is a basic need most of us take for granted.  Without housing, a person’s ability to build a sustainable existence is severly compromised.  We are proud to embrace Housing First and provide very low cost very affordable permanent housing for those most in need. 

Watch here for more updates about this exciting project. 



src: http://homelessauthority.org/homeless-outreach.cfm