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Only by Giving Donations

A BIG Donation Thank You!

Savannah Primitive Baptist Church Deacon Barry Waters reached out to Southern Soul Survivors, with some much needed clothing donations.  Littledid I know, that when we arrived there would be so much more offered than just clothing. The bounty… Read More

Savannah Care Center Fund Raising

       Here’s a new way to support Savannah Care Center, especially if do not have time to volunteer or attend the banquet!  While helping make your skin look beautiful, you can also help with the beauty of ALL that… Read More

Excited to see new product go out

A vast amount of product came into Southern Soul Survivors this week, and we are so excited to see it go out to those who are in need!  Below are just some of the items ~  Do you… Read More

Many Thanks go out the Trellis Apartment Homes in Georgetown

The Trellis Apartment Homes are not just striving to improve their own little gated community, but they are extending their reach to help improve Savannah as a whole. While they are going through renovations to their landscaping and… Read More