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Volunteers needed

Volunteers needed for the 1st Charity Auction hosted by Southern Soul Survivors.  We are looking for people to help with setup, and organization of donated items. If this is something you are willing to help out with, just… Read More

Savannah International Airport – American Airlines Employee an Example for ALL

Everybody talks about helping those less fortunate than we are, but Callie Sinclair, Environmental Services employee at Savannah International Airport, is doing something serious to help! Working with her neighborhood group, Pinewood Seniors in Motion, and Faith In… Read More

It’s Official, We are a 501(c) 3

We received all of our legal paperwork today!  All donations are now tax deductible, business sponsors are welcome!  Please visit our needs page to see what donations we are in need of…  We are open to any donations,… Read More

Southern Soul Survivors Files For 501(c)3

Yesterday, Southern Soul Survivors Inc. officially filed for our 501(c)3 status to become a non-profit organization.  So, what does this mean?  This means that we will have the opportunity to help more people and organizations within our community!… Read More

The Tiny House Project

  Photos provided by Richard Leo Johnson, Atlantic Archives Inc, Fine Architectual and Interior Photograph TINY HOUSE PROJECT – Update December 2016:  The Tiny House Project, also known as the Cove at Dundee has completed the approval process (September… Read More