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Savannah International Airport – American Airlines Employee an Example for ALL

American-Airlines-Savannah-Helping The Homeless

Everybody talks about helping those less fortunate than we are, but Callie Sinclair, Environmental Services employee at Savannah International Airport, is doing something serious to help! Working with her neighborhood group, Pinewood Seniors in Motion, and Faith In Christ Church, Callie received a huge supply of plastic grocery bags donated by employees of AMERICAN AIRLINES at the Savannah International Airport. Callie and her group crochet these plastic bags into functional 3’ x 6’ plastic mats that homeless folk can use as a moisture barrier between them and the ground.
Callie is always collecting materials and goods for the homeless community. Donations of grocery bags, clothing, toiletries, canned goods, and non-perishables (as well as cash!) are always welcome.

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