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Save while shopping

Most stores will do price matching.  Price match + Coupons = Savings! 

Remember if you are using SNAP/EBT you will have to pay taxes on the coupons. Also, please remember not to shop with your SNAP benefits in convenience stores, it is just a drain on what few resources that you have available to you.

I know for certain that both Wal-Mart and Kroger offer the price match option. So, before you go shopping, try to virtually shop either through the news circulars, or online. If you present the other stores’ prices at checkout, and they are lower, you will have that price matched, add in a coupon and you have just saved even more money.

To save time shopping, Wal-Mart now offers shop online and pick-up in store. I have not tried this feature with their grocery department, but have found other departments to be hit and miss. 

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